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All About Pets

6 Things or Facts to Know before owning a puppy.. :  

In our desire, to own a puppy we intend to miss out on
certain things that we ought to have thought
in first place. Owning a puppy is planned 
in many cases

Things to Consider before Bringing your home

It’s good; you have decided to get a puppy home.
The addition of a puppy in your home brings a host of
differences hitting the right and positive note on happiness

How often you have to clean your pets?

Hygiene of the pets needs adequate attention 
from pet owners, since it also decides the quality
and life span of their pets. The general notion prevailing among us is that cleanliness,

About Dogs Habitat :  

Pets’ habitat is a small world and with just little time
and effort you can make it beautiful and a lovely place 
for them to live. Usually, a corner of the house ,

Why Do People Love Pets

Love and affection transcend many a barrier and race. 
It is the emotion enshrined deep into every human.
and in animals too. Most of us, discounting a few or outside the living,

How To Welcome Pets to ...

Think about the things springing into your mind when 
you are about to welcome a guest into your house
A pet is not a guest and it is actually a family member

How To Maintain Kids and Pets..

Some may consider this to be a double trouble of sorts 
and a tough task. In reality, if you are up for the job
and be a little patient it can become a double delight.

How To Choose The Best Pet for ..

A pet at home is akin to having a kid at home, albeit with slightly
reduced intellectual skills. Playful, naughty, adamant
and all the other attributes associated with the kids

Adopting A Pet Legally

It is definitely praiseworthy to adopt a pet and having
it done through a legal manner is a good and necessary
procedure. Everyone loves to have a roof of their own,

Average monthly expenses of your pet

The expenses in having a pet at home might pinch
you the least and not certainly burn a hole in your pocket
as some might tend to think.

How to acclimatize pet to the new environment

The emotional predicament faced by the humans in shifting
of the residence and settling down in a new place is
experienced by the pets also.

Your puppy's Basic needs

You just read it right. Your puppy’s basic needs are very basic
things you have to fulfil. It is not necessary
for you to go for greater lengths to get things done

Best and Safe Toy For Dogs and Cats

Watching dogs and cats play with toys is a sight
to behold and every adult, no doubt would turn
into a child at heart.Playing with toys also brings.

Can Pets be fed with chocolates...?

People, as a gesture of love and affection towards pets
feed them with chocolates and junk food
This can severely affect the pets’ health

Common allergies in dogs and cats

With most of the attention spared on the health and allergies
experienced by humans, there is a real dearth
of awareness of health problems

Do Pets get jealous and why?

Feeling jealousy, is a trait, widely exists in the animal
kingdom as well. Anybody thinking jealousy exists only
between siblings

Introducing your Cat to litter Tray

Relieving habits vary from one pet to another 
Cats have a natural instinct to use the litter tray,  
a collection container for urination or for the purpose ...

How to recognize when Pets are Sick?

Identifying sickness in pets might not be quite easy 
as they cannot convey vocally as we do. It is only  
with some symptoms and with close attention ...

Grooming Tips to keep your Pets...

A healthy and shiny coat speaks for itself and is 
a good indicator for your pet’s health. Pet owners take 
adequate are for the upkeep of the pet’s coat condition as they know

Human Pet allergy & ways to Cure..

All kinds of life thrive in this world in their very own 
ecosystem and it is only when there is a close counter   
between them it leads to a conflict. Pets have since long been domesticated..

Things to Know before mating your dogs..

Having made your mind to mate your pets, there are a set 
of aspects to be taken into consideration. The basic thing  
is to check whether your pet has achieved physical maturity.

Taking care of Pets in Monsoon

Weather, leaving nothing to the game of guessing has 
everything to do with the well-being of your pet  
Breeds, naturally belonging to the specific .....

Prevention from Parasitic Infection

The allure of pets for their pet parentsin every true sense 
comes loaded with the unsolicitedcommon health  
problem of parasitic infestation The problem of....

Do Pets Understand Human Language?

Affection for one another transcends any form of barrier 
creature or creed and its expression always finds the  
meaning. Such is the power of kindness...

Taking care of pets in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most significant and sensitive 
period in a pet’s life time. Pet parents need to be as 
much concerned about their pets.

Protecting Pets from life disease....

Pet owners, given their love and passion for their pets 
reserve the same and equivalent magnitude of concern  
as shown to the other family members.