Hygiene of the pets needs adequate attention from pet owners, since it also decides the quality and life span of their pets. The general notion prevailing among us is that cleanliness is important but not at the top of factors concerning the pet. Some believe, it were an indoor cat, it would just suffice washing twice a year, yes, just two times a year. The guidelines in maintaining the hygiene of your pets should be taken seriously as it would avoid most of the health problems. The frequency of cleaning or bathing is sometimes decided by how active your pet is. If it plays and moves around a lot, naturally it requires a bath often.

Activate the day with a walk

It would be funny to note, some of the pets tend to disappear once they sense its bath time and there are the others who get delighted about it. A long walk and some games would definitely make your pet long for a warm bath. When you succeed in this approach, make it a practise and your pet would just be happy, when it’s bath time. It is normal to clean your pet once in a week and that removes most of the problems like fleas, itching etc. Compared to cleaning alone, bathing enables your pet to be quite brisk.

Starting early

You have to nurture your pet by inculcating the practise of cleaning or bathing right from it being few weeks old. By doing so, your pet gets adapted to it and doesn’t make a fuss of it. If you reside in a place with tropical weather, it becomes all the more important to follow the habit of cleaning at least once in a week. Any habit introduced at a young age, makes your pet feel comfortable and it also, no doubt has your job simplified.


Remember to clean your pet with the water temperature that suits its body and skin. This ensures your pet doesn’t get irritated or scared of a bath. Depending on your pet’s mood, finish of the task pretty quick, as some of the pets try to get relieved of the session as soon as possible. Use the shampoos and sprays regularly to enhance the skin heath.

Dental health

This may sound new to few pet owners but dental health is an integral part of your pet’s health. Maintaining dental health is very much a necessity as when your pet grows old it might pose a problem, where eating their stuff by biting can be difficult. Advancements made in the world of pets has made available dental products, you can give them a try and be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. You can have their teeth cleaned once in a week and all these small habits will reward your pet with a better teeth and life.

Food at bath

There are some pets which are adamant when it comes to bathing and are very much against it. You can lure them placing some treats near the bath tub and make them understand that they would be gifted with treats if they are obedient.

Deterrence of disease

Regular cleaning of your pets can help you bid bye to skin diseases that simply start with itching and worsen into multiple problems. It is advisable to use proper towels for ensuring the process of cleaning or bathing is well done.

These guidelines, if followed diligently would step up the quality of life enjoyed by your pets. It doesn’t end with that as this also guarantees that the family members in the house do not become susceptive to any illness because of pets.