People, as a gesture of love and affection towards pets, feed them with chocolates and junk food. This can severely affect the pets’ health to an extent of causing permanent damage to their body. A vet reported that 75% of the pet owners seeking his consultation share the junk foods with their pets as an expression of bonding. Ignorance of foods that are to be fed to the pets is the singular reason, for pet owners to do so. In what could be a revelation, there are a whole range of foods forbidden for pets which are considered healthy for humans. Many pet owners treat pets as one of their family members and it doesn’t stop with that, but also feeding them which they relish. It could be so trivial, feeding pets with chocolates and junk food, only in the longer run the adverse impact it leaves is felt.

Why you should not feed chocolates to your pets?

The food requirements of the pets are entirely different from the humans. Chocolates are severely discredited for spoiling the health of pets as they contain caffeine and theobromine, a definite no-no for them. The darker chocolates are more detrimental to the pets’ health compared to the white chocolates which possess minimum toxicity.  When dogs consume chocolates it causes vomiting, increase in body temperature, pains in the abdominal region, erratic heartbeat, dehydration and ultimately death. Yes, fatality is one of the probable scenarios due to the intake of chocolates.

The problem of fats

These chocolates and junk food are alarmingly high on fat content as far as the pets are concerned though might not be a big worry for human consumption. They may be appealing and a delight to the animals. In it is the deeply buried truth that they are manufactured carefully to make it savour again and again. Quality fat is necessary for the dogs and only when it increases in proportion it is a huge problem. Pets spend most of their time in a sedentary manner and over dose of fat for such a lifestyle are dangerous. Some of them may advocate natural flavours, failing to understand they are also a health risk for pets. The combination of flavours like onion or garlic with even minimal amount of salt can set off reactions in your pet varying between laziness to seizures with skin allergy. It is a wrong notion to think that pets would also have the capacity to process different ingredients as we do in a normal course of life.

The damage to the body mechanism of pets

Believe it or not, the nutritional value of junk food is close to nil. It is advisable to keep stock of high nutrient foods suggested by the vets and it is easy when you visit places with your animal companion. It may be difficult task for you to control the urge to consume junk food, but at least spare your pets from the unhealthy diet as these could also make them pack weight with avoidable empty calories and worse, suffer from diabetes too. Another, unintended fallout of feeding pets with chocolate and junk food is their body mechanism goes for a toss missing out on essential nutritious food they ought to be eating.

The issue of sodium and sugar

Foods with high amount of sugar and salt content are also dangerous for pets. The proportion of processed sugars is frighteningly high in junk foods, paving the way for obesity and other health issues in pets. Sodium present in the salt would increase dehydration with frequent urination. So it’s better to keep chocolates away from your sweet pets and dump the junk foods for their healthy living.

Treats for your pets

If you are burdened with enough on foods to be avoided, take heart in treats for your pets. There are plenty in store for your dog to relish in the form of treats and goodies. The treats, true to their meaning, are much preferred by the dogs. These are mostly in the form of bones and sticks with proteins as main ingredients from veg as well as non-veg sources. These sources are like treats from Gnawlers range that have health benefits too apart from serving as treats. Treats for pets with diabetes, obesity or renal problem have recently been introduced by Gnawlers for their benefit. These have 12% easily digestible fibres with 0% proteins and fat which will help such pets to stay satiated for long and avoid constipation.  Goodies are also a better choice for your dogs and they arrive in various flavours ranging from calcium, chlorophyll to liver.

We always exercise enough care in choosing the foods, our kids eat. Similarly, our pets too deserve the right choice of foods as their metabolic activity and preferences are much different from us.