Having made your mind to mate your pets, there are a set of aspects to be taken into consideration. The basic thing is to check whether your pet has achieved physical maturity to mate. Amongst the pets, it is the dogs which are extensively engaged in mating. Depending on the size of the breed the age for mating varies with large dog breeds being mature enough between 18 months to 2 years, small dog breeds get ready between a year and 18 months and the medium built breeds attain maturity between 15 to 18 months since their birth. On an average, a dog takes 18 months to be capable of engaging in reproductive activity and it’s prudent to be patient till it completes two years before the process of mating. This suggestion holds enough reason for female dogs which should not be allowed to mate in the first year of heat as they are physically and mentally incompetent. 

Factors to consider before mating

  • When a dog is used in breeding before reaching complete maturity it has a negative effect on the animal’s health, hampering the development and could also cause injury. 

  • As a pet owner, you will have to be prepared to offer the best care for a period of four months to both the mother and the puppies. 

  • You will have to ensure vaccination for each and every puppy, taking into account any unpredictable pregnancy complication. 

  • Ensure your pet is not suffering from any chronic illness to avoid possible threat to the brood.

  • Consult a vet to ascertain whether your pet is healthy enough to conceive and verify all the vaccinations were given as prescribed by the vet from birth. 

  • You may also have to check for any behavioural issues in the pet that could impact the brood.

Minimum age and the best day of cycle for mating

A stud dog can be involved in breeding for a period of approximately ten years if its health and fertility are in good condition. Female dogs are capable of breeding till they reach the age of five years. Beyond these specified age it is advised to refrain both the gender from any further breeding activity. Female dogs will not allow their male counterpart in the first part of heat cycle lasting for a week. However it allows the males in the second part of heat that too lasting for a week. Day 9 or 10 of the heat is the best time for mating. For optimum results, permit the pets to mate on every alternate day between day 7 and day 14 of the heat cycle. The full heat cycle duration on an average is 21 days with minor variation, with each stage taking four to twelve days.

The significance of weight

The female dogs, proportionate to their age and size need to have the corresponding weight. If the mother has a lean frame, it might become difficult to feed and foster the puppies. Similarly, when it has obesity problems, complications can arise at the time of pregnancy and also during labour. If your pet is healthy, you need not incur any excessive fee for the vet. The genital region of the stud dog has to be kept clean to ward off any transmission of infection. And do not feed the dog prior to mating as it may lead to vomiting in certain cases. 

Once the aforesaid parameters are taken into concern, the process of breeding will remove many hassles. The health of the pets is paramount and offering adequate care along with the absence of genetic issues, you can be assured of the birth of a healthy brood.