All kinds of life thrive in this world in their very own ecosystem and it is only when there is a close counter between them it leads to a conflict. Pets have since long been domesticated and have well adapted to the human habitat. Yet there are some rare frictions when both come into close contact. These are never the kind of threatening and can be resolved with the right form of approach. Some people are able to develop immunity to a specific breed of dog or cat over the course of time. Allergies in the first place happen when the human body misreads the allergen as an alien invasion. Exhaustive material available in the domain of allergy reveals pet parents after some initial hiccups, their bodily reactions for allergy tend to fade out.

Symptoms of Human Pet allergy

  • Persistent coughing accompanied by wheezing though not serious always

  • Red and itchy eyes

  • Running and stuffy nose

  • Sneezing, at times can be chronic

  • Skin reactions, that is when their pet licks them the skin might peel off

  • People suffering from severe form of allergies develop hives in the facial region or in the chest.

  • Things can turn serious for people with asthma problems.

Reasons behind allergies due to pets

Certain dog and cat breeds can cause allergy symptoms. It is a general assumption that dogs with short hair are considered safe and those with long hair because of the problem of shedding can be a potential problem. Experts have demolished this belief and have demonstrated that dogs belonging to the same breed release various levels of allergen. The underlying reason, as many of us tend to think is not the dog’s hair but the dander in them. These are flakes of dead skin and along with saliva or urine, problems can rear their head. Another important reason for people suffering from allergies is due to the oversensitive or overactive immunity system. Their immune system might perceive the harmless dander as bacteria or virus and start displaying reactions. Their system attempts to cleanse the body off the allergen through sneezing or a watery eye. 

Medical tests for allergies

A mere blood or skin test is enough to detect the presence of allergen-specific Immunoglobulin E. In many cases, people with a feeling of allergy turn out to be suffering from one. They are indeed because of the pollen on the dog’s coat. The tests for allergy as many think aren’t final and in few instances, a certain duration is necessary to identify the issue.

Cure from pet allergy

  • Antihistamines are widely prescribed for their capability to ward off the effects of the chemical behind allergy symptoms. The popular ones are cetirizine, diphenhydramine and fexofenadine.  If you are willing to attempt the nasal spray type, Astelin is the best recommended.

  • To minimize the nasal swelling and to get relieved from congestion, decongestants like Sudafed and Allegra-D are good.

  • Another first-line treatment for allergies is the spray-type nasal steroids like Budesonide, fluticasone and triamcinolone.

A significant number of people suffering from allergies agree with the fact avoidance of contact with the pets is the best way to contain allergies. Some defensive measures would be, taking medication before the arrival of your pet and avoid kissing the pet too often.