The travails of advanced age and its troubles over the years is a common and natural problem seen in all the inhabitants of the earth. Pets are not an exception to this predicament and with little care and affection, we can make their life peaceful in old age. It is at this stage of life, pets deserve more care and attention. They have to endure all the physical and psychological problems experienced by their human counterparts. When offered adequate assistance, pets can also withstand the health issues they are prone to in the twilight years of life. Our dear pets which had been our best companions all through the years require more of our company.

The signs of aging

  • The coats of your pet begin to gray gradually.

  • Their mobility and the overall activity are reduced. The eagerness with which they were once springing at you will be hardly witnessed.

  • Climbing stairs swiftly and the agility seen in their prime will be missing.

  • The visibility of the pets becomes partially affected with old age due to problems like cataracts, etc.

  • Grumpiness may be displayed often by pets in ripe old age.

  • Memory of the pets also takes a hit and they could have forgotten a good part of their training.

Dealing with aged Pets

There are some ailments that occur due to natural progress of aging. Certain issues which could have appeared as trivial at younger age like frequent urination can no more be dismissed casually. It could be a symptom of a larger health problem and so necessitates a visit to the vet. Regular exercise aids your pets in maintaining the aged bones free from the side effects of arthritis. But you should keep the duration of exercise only to the extent your pet can manage.

Foods for your Old Pets

Depending on the age of your pets the food offered to them also needs to be taken into account. Elder canines should be given a lighter food and you have to be very particular about the diet. Aged pets can have a swing in their weights, some may gain and the others lose it, even becoming frail in some cases. Be conscious of the foods offered to pets and ensure they necessarily have the nutrients to tackle the old age issues. Opt for whole foods containing antioxidants and omega 3’s. This combination with alpha linolenic acid helps to reduce the ailments like inflammation.

Toys and Treats

Your old pets could have become bored with the same old toys. Along with age related issues, meaning a slow-down in their movement the boredom of old toys could also hamper their activity. Gift them with new and soft toys, and make them get more passionate and interested in playing. Choose the right type of treats for your senior pets, the one that does not make it cumbersome for them in eating. You also have to be more concerned about keeping up the vaccination schedule.

Ageing is an inescapable attribute of life and all we could do is be best prepared for it, so that the effects of it are not felt seriously. It is only in the fag end of life people and pets require more love as specified earlier. And when we offer it to our pets in abundance, age is, as many say is just a number.